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Lithium Boron Foil

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Diameter: 6-80 mm
Thickness: ≥ 0.1 mm
Packaging: Lithium chips are dry-packed

under argon in a hermetically-sealed cans. 

Lithium Granules can be customized and packaged according to Customer requirements. 

Lithium Aluminum Alloy Powder

Use: Anode Material for Primary Li. Battery
Molecular Formula: Li, Al
Appearance: Silver-gray powder
Use: Thermal Battery Material
Content: Li: 20±1%, Al: Balance
Size: -40 (mesh) -60 (mesh) -80 (mesh) -100 (mesh) -200 (mesh)
Packaging: Sealed in grinding bottle with Argon gas; placed into steel can, which is filled with foam and shipped in wooden box or steel drum.

Lithium Chips (Anodes)

Molecular Formula: Li, Si
Appearance: Silver-gray powder
Melting point: 800C
Use: Thermal Battery Material
Content: Li 44±2%, Si balance 
Size: -40  (mesh) -60 (mesh) -80 (mesh) -100 (mesh) -200 (mesh)
Packaging: Sealed in grinding bottle with Argon gas; placed into steel can, which is filled with foam & shipped in wooden box or steel drum.

Lithium Innovations, LLC

Provides an independent source of Lithium for lithium-ion batteries and other specialized applications.
Free lithium content: 97% minimum
Appearance & Size: D50 (<50µm) off-white particles
Li2Co3 content: 0.5% minimum
Packaging: Customized according to customers’ requirements.

Complete List of Lithium Products

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   * Lithium Composition (Pure Li, Li. Alloy, etc.)
   * Dimensions (Thickness / Width)
   * Requested Amount (kg., meters, spools, length, etc.)
   * Destination (to determine shipping charges)
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Lithium Rope

Diameter: 2 mm - 42 mm / tolerance: ±0.05 mm
Packaging: Same as lithium foil packing 1

Pure Lithium Chip (Anodes)

Lithium Boron Alloy Chip (Foil)

Lithium-boron alloy is a honeycomb structure; Lithium content is substantially increased compared to previous generations of Lithium-Silicon alloy. Molecular Formula: Li, B
Appearance: Silver-gray soft metal solid
Melting point: ≥600C
Use: Thermal Battery Material
Content: Li: 70± 1%, B: balance
Size: Same as lithium chip (foil) size

Lithium Granules
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Passivated Lithium Powder

High Purity Lithium Ingots

Lithium Ingots & Specialty Products

​​​​​Diameter: 125 mm 
Height: 200 mm

*Ingot dimensions can be customized according to customers’ specific requirements.
Packaging: High purity lithium metal ingots are dry-packed under argon in hermetically-sealed aluminized polyester bags.