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Lithium Innovations /CEL offers high quality Lithium foils in almost any type, configuration and dimension requested, including pure Lithium foils, Lithium alloys (Al. and Mg), Lithium foils with copper inlays, Lithium on copper substrate (one side or both sides), as well as ultra-thin foils.


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Lithium Foil Spools
Lithium Foil Spools

Packaging: Outer packing is steel drum; the inner packing as shown below:
Packaging #1:  Lithium foil is wound on spools then dry-packed under argon in a hermetically-sealed, aluminized polyester bag. Spool sizes depend on the dimensions and quantity of foil ordered.
Packaging #2:  Lithium foil is wound on scrolls and sealed by dry PE film. Several spools of lithium foil are placed into a tin and the edge is sealed. Each tin is dry-packed under vacuum in a hermetically-sealed, 5-layer aluminized polyester bag.
Packaging #3:  Lithium foil is wound on spools. Each spool of lithium foil is sealed in a dry, 5-layer aluminized polyester bag under vacuum and placed in a steel or fiber drum.

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High quality primary Lithium Battery Anode

Thickness: ≥ 0.1 mm
Width: 3mm-200 mm

Thickness: ≥ 0.1mm
Width: 4-100mm

Molecular Formula: Li, Al
Appearance: Silver-white soft metal solid
Melting Point: 178C (2%Al, 98%Li) 
Specific Gravity: 0.534g/ cm3 (Li), 0.61g/ cm3 (4%Al, 96%Li)
Molecular Weight: 6.94 (Li), 26.98 (Al)
Content: Al 0.1----5wt%, Li: balance

Lithium Foil with Pouch
Ultra Thin Lithium Foils
Lithium Foil Spools

Lithium Packaging

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Lithium Aluminum Foil
Lithium Magnesium Foil
Ultra Thin Lithium Foils
Lithium Foil in Pouch
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Lithium with Innerleaf

Complete List of Lithium Products

The next generation of high-energy, all solid state battery anode for high power Lithium batteries.

Thickness: 0.05 - 0.100 mm / tolerance ±0.004 mm
Width: 10 mm-100 mm / tolerance: ±0.5 mm

High Temperature Lithium Battery Negative

Thickness: 0.1mm-3.0mm / tolerance: ±0.01mm
​Width: 10mm-100mm / tolerance: ±0.5mm

Molecular Formula: Li, Mg
Appearance: Silver-white soft metal solid
Melting Point: 191±1C (10%Mg, 90%Li)
                           220±10C (25%Mg, 75%Li)
Specific Gravity:0.57g/ cm3 (10%Mg, 90%Li)
                            0.64g/ cm3 (25%Mg, 75%Li)  
Chemical Composition: Li+Mg: 99.9wt% min, 
Mg: 10.0±1.0 wt% / 25.0 ±1.0 wt%, Na 100 wppm max, 
Ca 150 wppm max, K 100 wppm max, Fe 20 wppm max,
Si 100 wppm max, Cl 60 wppm max, N 300 wppm max

To request a quote, please provide the following information:

   * Lithium Composition (Pure Li, Li. Alloy, etc.)

   * Foil Type (Lithium foil, Lithium with current collector, Lithium on substrate, etc.)

   * Foil Dimensions (Thickness / Width)

   * Requested Amount (kg., meters, spools, length, etc.)

   * Destination (to determine shipping charges)

   * Contact Information

Lithium Foils with Current Collector are offered in many configurations, based on customer needs, including:

   * Lithium Foil with Copper Inlay

   * Lithium Foil with Copper Substrate

   * Lithium Foil, Copper Substrate, Lithium Foil

   * Copper Substrate, Lithium Foil, Copper Substrate

Unsurpassed Lithium Quality

Copper Inlay Foil
Ultra Thin Lithium Foil
Lithium Foil on Copper Substrate
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Lithium Foil with Current Collector

Lithium Magnesium Alloy Foil

Lithium Aluminum Alloy Foil

Ultra-Thin Lithium Foils

Battery Grade Lithium Foils

High-Quality Lithium Foils

High Quality Lithium Battery Anode

Molecular Formula: Li, Cu
Dimensions & chemical composition can be customized according to application and customers' requirements.