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Accudyne Systems has been developing novel solutions to complex automated equipment challenges for more than twenty years. Founded in 1996 through the merger of two respected engineering firms in Delaware, the company is a recognized leader in the design and development of first-of-a-kind equipment and processes that result in dramatic production improvements over existing systems. To provide these solutions, we integrate several areas of expertise including:

      * Novel Solution Development

      * Mechanical, Electrical, and Software Engineering Design

      * Fabrication and Assembly

      * System Integration

      * Equipment Delivery, Rigging, and Startup

      * Post-Startup Support

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Lithium Winders

Lithium Innovations has extensive experience and valued connections with Lithium Winder & Rolling Mill equipment manufacturers, including Accudyne Winders, Element Machinery, and other renowned manufacturers.

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Lithium Innovations has extensive experience and valued connections with Lithium Extrusion equipment manufacturers, including LMG Lithium Extruders

Lithium  Automated Equipment & Rolling Mills

Element Machinery prides itself on providing advanced solutions in automated equipment. We utilize technology to provide our customers equipment that improves efficiency with reduced maintenance. Element is capable of implementing turnkey solutions tailored to fit our customer’s requirements. Element has experience with installation (Including civil works, electrical installation and mechanical alignment), commissioning (Including advanced control tuning), and operator training. 

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Element Machinery

Lithium Innovations has extensive experience and valued connections to assist with specialized Lithium equipment, technologies & support:

      * Specialized Electrolysis Processes;

      * Lithium Ingot Casting ;
      * Lithium Distillation support;
      * Specialized Lithium applications & technologies

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LMG remains a World Class Technological Leaders in Hydraulic, Compression, Transfer, Vacuum and Injection Presses. LMG provides customers with...

   * CONFIDENCE---80 Years of Experience and Application Knowledge

   * COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE---Partnering with you for a Profitable Unique Solution

   * VALUE---Cost-Effective Solutions to Increase Productivity

   *SUPPORT---Engineering and after the Sale Customer Service


Lithium Specialized Equipment and Technologies

Lithium Winders and Rolling Mills

Lithium Extrusion Equipment

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Lithium Innovations Manufacturing Excellence

Lithium Innovations unique experiences allow us to evaluate your current manufacturing capabilities and make recommendations for the most effective use of your Lithium products; help you become better engaged, more productive, and more cost effective, including:​​

   * Complete manufacturing and Lithium technical support;

   * Lithium extrusion support, including dies, tooling & all production equipment;

   * Specialized Lithium applications & technologies, including ultra-thin foils, alloys, passivation techniques, and packaging solutions

Lithium Innovations has a wealth of manufacturing experiences in the US, Canada, Japan and China.

Consider Lithium Innovations for innovative solutions to all of your manufacturing needs and applications.

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