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Dry Room Design

Turnkey Dry Room Solutions

Manufacturers of moisture sensitive or hygroscopic products can realize substantial productivity and quality increases, along with greatly reduced energy consumption by utilizing an efficient Dry Room for production. Lithium battery, pharmaceutical and food manufacturers, as well as many other specialized applications have been using dry rooms successfully for many years. DRYAIR Dry Rooms provides these special advantages:

  • Vapor tight construction (panels, seams and air locks) reduces moisture sources to personnel load and makeup air load, and improve system stability and efficiency.
  • DRYAIR turnkey responsibility assures single-source guarantee on room meeting specifications and reduced management cost for client.
  • Wall panel system facilitates room expansion or relocation; Improves efficient use of the panel system and avoids overlapping investment.
  • All components are sourced from world-class suppliers improving stability of the system, prolonging service life, and assuring the user more investment return.
  • DRYAIR’s global experience in Turnkey Dry Room fabrication
  • Heat Recovery technology provides lower energy costs.
  • Professional design, strict material selection, and DRYAIR’s disciplined Dry Room fabrication process ensures safe and efficient operation.

DRYAIR Dry Room systems are custom-designed to meet all specific design requirements. Design criteria includes eight critical variables from which our dry room design considers:

  • Maximum number of people operating in the room
  • The specified temperature, humidity control level, and cleanliness requirements
  • The available space for room construction, product, personnel doors, equipment doors, conveyer openings, etc…
  • Regeneration heat source for ZCH-Series unit (electric, steam or natural gas)
  • Illumination, fire rating, or explosion safe requirements
  • Applications ~ Lithium battery, pharmaceutical, food manufacturer, document / currency storage, marine, small industrial, residential, or specialized
  • Sensible internal heat load or moisture load factors
  • Room exhaust and pressure difference requirement

* The control level and the personnel moisture load in the space dictate the requirements for the size of the dehumidification air handling system required to maintain the room at specifications. With careful design, desiccant dehumidification systems capable of delivering air to a minimum of 0.007g/kg (-65℃ dew point) can be integrated into the dry room construction thereby allowing room operating levels as low as 1% R.H. to be maintained.
* Where floor space is available, a ZCH-Series dehumidification unit adjacent to the dry room reduces the possibility of moisture infiltration into the conditioning system, and eliminates long runs of ductwork. If this design cannot be utilized, a rooftop ZCH-Series dehumidification system can be incorporated.

Dry Room Design, Installation & Service