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Lithium Extrusion Equipment & Support

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The ORIGINAL Lithium Innovations; Established 2009

SC DRYAIR World Class Dehumidification

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SC DRYAIR offers a full range of Dehumidification Equipment, Dry Rooms, Installation and long-term Support for Lithium/Battery facilities, Pharmaceutical, and other specialized operations.

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Lithium Innovations has extensive experience and valued connections with Lithium Extrusion equipment manufacturers, including LMG Lithium Extruders, Accudyne Winders, Element Machinery & Rolling Mills, as well as other specialized equipment manufacturers.

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Lithium Innovations  provides dehumidification equipment for small Industrial applications, agricultural, cannabis operations, warehousing, and specialized applications. These units offer powerful and efficient performance with a compact design. Units are designed to control humidity, but can be configured to control temperature and special atmospheric requirements. Stylish design and fabricated with the highest quality components to provide stable, efficient performance and long service life.

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Lithium Innovations Dehumidification

Lithium Innovations  unique experiences and broad connections allow us to evaluate your current manufacturing capabilities and make recommendations for the most effective use of your Lithium process; help you become better engaged, more productive, and more cost effective:​​

   * Complete manufacturing and Lithium technical support;

   * Lithium extrusion support, including dies, tooling, extruders, winders, rolling mills  & dehumidification;

   * Specialized Lithium production equipment;

   * Specialized Lithium applications & technologies, including ultra-thin foils, alloys, passivation techniques, and packaging solutions.

Lithium Innovations Technical Support

Lithium Products

Lithium Innovations  offers a full range of Lithium products, including foils, ingots, anodes, rods, alloys & specialized Lithium products; offering unsurpassed quality and competitive pricing:

      * Lithium foils from 0.1mm thickness / 4-200mm width;

      * Lithium foils with current collectors;

      * Lithium-Aluminum and Lithium-Magnesium alloy foils;

      * Lithium-Aluminum and Lithium-Silicon alloy powders;

      * Passivated Lithium Metal Powders;

      * Lithium-Boron alloy anodes & foils;

      * Thermal Battery support;

      * Medical anodes and parts;

      * Wide range of Lithium OEM batteries available upon request

Lithium Innovations’  mission is to provide quality Lithium products, cutting-edge technical support, dedicated customer care, and innovative solutions for a wide range of Lithium manufacturing applications and needs. Lithium Innovations is committed to a philosophy of integrity and trust. Lithium Innovationsprovides innovative solutions for all Lithium product and service needs

Lithium Innovations Products, Equipment & Services